It's November 2016 and Donald Trump has been elected president of the USA. Your future self sends you on a mission to prevent this from happening.
Travel through time and manipulate the belongings of five major personalities to change the future.
Will you be able to save the day?
What kind of crazy alternate timelines can you create?
Is there such a thing as fate – and if so, is it really wise to screw with it?

This game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare Jam #37, which had the theme „One Room".
It is meant to be played several times (it's short), to find all the different outcomes.


Hitlers Cactus Windows - Post LD 18 MB
Hitlers Cactus WebGL 0.1.1 - LD37 version 16 MB


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There should be a special ending for doing nothing.

This is a nice concept , I enjoyed it !